The Legend Of The Harp


JH Fiction Writing Contest Winner: Harmony Vycital

Harmony Vycital

The Legend of The Harp

By Harmony Vycital

 Legend has it that there is a harp that can cure any sickness. People have searched and searched and nobody has ever found it. Many people believe it doesn’t actually exist. I have never given up and I never will. I am sixteen years old. My mom is very sick and on the verge of dying. The harp is my only hope for saving my mom. The doctors can’t cure her, they have tried. It’s all up to me, and I won’t give up until she is cured.

  “Honey, can you go clean the attic?” Mom asked. “Sure mom,” I say, walking up the stairs to the attic. I have never really been in the attic except when I was little. I started picking up the boxes and moving them into perfect alignment. I looked down when I finished moving the boxes. I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed something shiny out of the corner of my eye. I slowly walk up to it and pick it up. “A map?” I whispered to myself. I opened it slowly and started to look at the texture. It was a map leading to something. There was a note attached to the side. “Whatever you do, don’t use it there will be consequences,” the note read.

¨Mom, I’m going on another road trip. Love you, see you soon!” I said as I walked out of the house. I slowly walked out the house and walked to the stable. I saddled up my horse Roxy and climbed onto the saddle. I kicked her lightly and started trotting down the road towards the forest. We rode deep into the forest and had to slow down to a walk. “Good girl Roxy,” I said loud enough for her to hear. I listened to the owls and closed my eyes, enjoying being surrounded by nature. “Woah,” I said to Roxy as she stopped. I looked around when I heard a branch snap like something or someone stepped on it. I heard something growling in the distance. I finally was able to see what it was. A wolf. I kicked Roxy and she started to run away. I looked back but I’m wasn’t able to see the wolf anymore. I got out the map and checked to see if I was still going the right way.

 I slowed Roxy down and looked around. I stopped next to the river to let Roxy rest. I dismounted and started to lead Roxy to the river. I let go of her bridal and let her go to get some water. I tied Roxy’s rope up to the tree but made it lose enough so she could get a drink and was able to reach the grass. I climbed up into the tree and stared at the stars. “I’ll be home soon, Mom, I promise,” I whispered to myself. I woke up to find Roxy was not tied up anymore. Instead, she was walking around and grazing. I got up and walked over to her. I grabbed her halter and mounted her.

 I kicked Roxy lightly and had her walk. We rode a little farther into the woods. I stopped when I saw something shiny on the other side of the lake. I dismounted and picked it up. The golden harp. “So,” I thought, “it’s really true. It really exists. The harp really exists.” I mounted Roxy and put the harp in my saddle bag. I kicked Roxy which made her run. As we rode back to town my mind was stuck on if my mom was okay and what she would think. We finally got to town. I screamed out so everyone could hear me, “The harp exists! I found the harp!”

Lots of people rushed out of their houses as I slowed Roxy to a walk. I stopped in the middle of town. I was almost immediately surrounded. I opened up my saddle bag. I showed them the harp. “He’s found the harp!” someone from the crowd screamed out. Everyone cleared the way and allowed me to go through. I kicked Roxy and she started to walk. We headed to my house where my mom was. I opened the door and walked in with the harp. I sat next to my mom and started playing the harp.