4-Day School Week Soon to Take Over


Saint Reyes and Aryann Johnson

Groveton ISD has initially followed the 5-day school week plan, but starting after Christmas break, they are switching to a new 4-day school week plan. This means the school will get out of its comfort zone and try something new by taking Fridays off. Some of the staff are very skeptical about the change but very excited.

When interviewing 6th-grade reading teacher Mrs.Arbuckle about the difference, she said: “I’m for it as far as being excited to try it, but I want that trial run before I’m set and stone on it” Regarding student life and how it will affect the students and student-athletes, According to student-athlete Darius McQueen,” I am wondering how our Friday games will be changed and I also wonder how it will affect my body as an athlete missing the Friday workouts.” The plan is designed to give the teachers a day off each week to get their things done because finding substitutes for the teachers is getting more difficult with the scarcity of teachers. The 4-day school week plan, according to Mr.Moore, “is completely experimental, and the decision to keep it depends on how well the students and teachers respond to this as far as grades and attendance.”

With that being said, Groveton ISD will most likely be keeping the 4-day school week plan depending on how the students and faculty respond to it. The community of Groveton is optimistic and this 4-day school week plan seems to be a much-needed change for them to take the stress off their shoulders.

When interviewing Senior Melony Allen about the change, she said she would be using her time off to “Get stuff done and spend much-needed time with family and friends.”

The community says they all support the change and are incredibly thankful to spend time with their friends and family. But remember that the 4-day week plan isn’t all about just giving teachers and students more time to spend with their families and a day off. The 4-week program is a professional and planned-out decision, and it is mainly about competing with other schools and having the best teachers possible so Groveton ISD can be one of The best schools in the 2a district. The Groveton community is officially welcoming and modernizing its campus by operating around the 4-day school week plan, using it as an example of their advancement in the community. The Groveton community is very nervous about the 4-day school week plan change but is willing to try it out and see how everything will play out shortly.