Holiday Cheer



In 2021 Mrs. Moore and the theater department started the Santas Workshop. The point of Santas Workshop is to raise money for the theater program. This also provides a way for kids on the elementary campus to obtain gifts for their loved ones and families. Some kids need more time to go to the store and get presents. Therefore them doing these kids get to have this unique experience.
For one week throughout the year, Mrs. Moore assigns students throughout the high school to have specific jobs. Those jobs could be restocking the tables, so when kids come, it is ready for them to shop. But on the other hand, it could be wrapping up the gifts so they can take them home and put them under the tree. After asking Andrew Gonzalez and Daiton Chandler about their favorite part, they said it consisted of “Being able to help kids find presents for their family.”
The two main sponsors of the Santa’s Workshop are Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Klare. When Mrs. Klare was asked what her favorite part of putting on Santa’s Workshop, her response was, “The younger children that may not be able to go out and buy gifts have the opportunity to go somewhere and get to participate in that, in being able to get their family and loved one’s gifts.” When Mrs. Moore was asked why she put on Santas Workshop, she responded, “It’s almost like two community service projects for the elementary kids. So they can understand the importance of giving.”
Santa’s Workshop is something the theater department puts on to help kids experience the feeling of being able to go out and buy gifts for their families and loved ones.