Project Stocking Stuffer



Project Stocking Stuffer is a service project for Mrs. Adams’ seniors and freshman classes to give back to the elementary. The whole basis of it is that an elementary student passed away last year, and she wanted to give back to the elementary students to help give them a little more spirit and positivity. She stated that she believed it also to be an excellent way to teach her classes to give back or the holidays. The goal of this project is to be able to provide a stocking and a book for every student in the elementary. They have a goal of 381 books. Students are also donating candy canes, popits, squishy toys, and cards for stockings.
Project Stocking Stuffer has already met one of Mrs. Adams’ goals of inspiring students to give back. “I love giving back to the community, and it may help the families who are going through a hard time with their kids,” said Alyssa Corbin, a ninth-grader who donated. Christine Snyder, who donated most of the items for the project, says, “A lot of these kids don’t get Christmas at home so it brightens my day to see kids getting Christmas.” She added, “And some parents can’t afford to get their kids Christmas presents, so it’s just nice, and I love to see little kids getting that joy.” Justin Carrington, a senior who donated, says, “I think Christmas is all about being able to help others enjoy it the same way you do,” and that’s precisely what the primary goal of Project Stocking Stuffer is.
The project did end up inspiring many people to give back to the elementary and the community. It also excited many elementary and high school students for Christmas. As of Monday, December 5, the high school English classes had already met their goal of 381 books. They started writing personalized cards and making mini stockings for each elementary student. And it’s not just exciting for the elementary students receiving them. The high school classes had so much fun spreading cheer and making gifts for the elementary kids. While putting stockings together, many of them said they were pumped up and couldn’t wait to give the stockings and cards to the elementary students.