Life of a Student Athlete


Gunner Wilson, Freshman

Summer Cooper and Jaxon Hales

Anahi Chavez, Senior


When you think of a “student-athlete,” many things may come to mind. Such as someone playing sports or another student, but it means so much more. A student-athlete isn’t just showing up and playing a simple game; they also have to do their best and have the right mindset. Many student-athletes use sports such as softball or football to give them an escape from the real world.

Mental health is a severe problem, and giving these students an escape from it by doing what they love helps them get through the day. When asked how she manages to be a student-athlete, senior Anahi Chavez replied, “it is hard having to be mentally tough during my senior year.” All the dedication it takes to do both school and sports is something that some people may not understand, but it is something for sure easier said than done.

Standing there in the court is something else. All the shouts and screams coming from the audience. It’s as if the whole world is watching you. The adrenaline flowing through your veins is something else. The anxiety some players face thinking as they play is “what if I mess up”, “what if they judge me,” and “what if the people I look up to are disappointed in me.” The amount of work people put into sports is much more than expected, as sports always mean much to someone. Most people get stressed out with sports and having to do their school work. Student-athletes always stay late for practice; then have to go home to work on homework.

The number of work people put into their after-school activities is insane. They practice for hours to be their absolute best and sometimes get nothing in return. Yet, they put forth much sacrifice to be the best possible. For example, freshman Gunner Wilson was interviewed and asked, “what motivates you to do your absolute best?” he responded, “ the crowd and the coaches.” Hence, the coaches make a fantastic impact on the players. So if you see a student-athlete doesn’t just think, “it is just another student.” Think they are mentally and physically strong.