New Students

James Landrum and Riley Pitts

Jaron Meadows
Romello Wolfe


A new school year always means new students. This year we’ve had many new students, all from different places. We love new students and welcome them with kind, open arms. We welcome them with kindness to help them transition to a new school. But, you never know what might have happened at the old school or in their home life that forced them to move, and sometimes the person may have trauma.

When someone moves to a different school, they are sometimes doing it to start a new one or escape from something that happened in the past. Sophomore Jaren Meadows moved to Groveton “to move out on a ranch so my little sister could grow up in a better school.” So when you make the student feel like they are welcome here and they fit in, that can make a difference. It is not always bad, though. Freshman Romello Wolfe moved here to “start helping with his grandparents.” This shows that sometimes, one may have just wanted to help people out or wish to participate in events going on in that area.

Moving schools can be either good or bad; it depends on certain aspects. Aspects such as did you have many friends at your old school, was the teaching good at your old school or was the equipment good at your old school. When some people move to a new school, they might benefit from it by making unique and better friends and attending a better school.