Secret Santa


This year Mrs. Adams’ English classes participated in a secret Santa gift exchange. Each student gets to draw a name and purchase a gift for the said student without revealing who they got. When we asked Mrs. Adams why she wanted to have the kids participate in the secret Santa, she said, “It would raise the morale and make them a little more excited since Christmas is about to be here, and also with testing everyone kind of gets discouraged, so it’s just something fun.”

Things can get quite hectic and stressful around this time of year. But it’s so exciting to see the students get a chance to wind down and have some fun before they go on break. Some students are excited to participate, not only for the gifts but also for the potential bonds they could make. Freshman Lauren Gentry agrees and says, “It’s nice to get gifts, but when you find out it’s someone you don’t even know, it could build friendships, or you could just help someone out.” Whether or not they all become friends, just receiving a gift could brighten someone’s day.

Thanks to Mrs. Adams, the students can participate in something fun and experience bonding. It is a great idea to create a way for the students to come together as a class and get into the Christmas spirit.