Chainsaw in the Woods

Madelyn Stevens , Honorary Mention Horror Writing Contest

When I was nine years old, I loved to explore. Behind my house was a forest that I was told not to go near. One day when the sun was going down, I was bored and wanted to explore my yard more. I decided to go into the woods, so I headed into the woods, looking at all the eerie trees under the moonlight.

When I first headed into the forest, a trench about as tall as I was had water near the bottom. I slowly made my way down the trench and climbed up the other side, trying not to get my clothes wet. I got mud on my shoes, but I decided to continue anyways. Unlike other girls my age, I liked mud and dirt, so it wasn’t a problem for me. I was able to see since there was moonlight shining through the trees. I walked for a bit and stopped when I suddenly heard noises.

I explored the forest once before, and no one lived around the forest. I looked around to figure out the noise and saw no one around. A gust of wind blew around me, which was strange because it wasn’t windy before. I started to hear someone speaking. I couldn’t determine what they said and decided to follow where I heard the noise. When I got close to the noise, it stopped.

I looked around, wondering what was going on. A shadow flashed past me out of the corner of my eye. I started to shake as I didn’t know what to do. I suddenly heard a chainsaw noise. It sounded like it was getting closer, and I freaked out. I wasn’t into scary stuff, and I was not too fond of it either. When I heard it getting closer, I darted the other way. I ran so fast that I forgot the trench that was there. I ended up falling in and getting wet and muddy.

As I heard the chainsaw getting closer, I panicked and got up quickly. I didn’t want to scream, but I didn’t want to stay quiet. I felt like I was in a horror movie that was real. I got out of the woods quickly and ran through the pasture. I saw my home come into the distance. I stopped and looked back. I felt that something was watching me as I noticed the chainsaw noise stop.

I remember running inside my house and telling my grandparents, but they never listened. When I look in the woods today, I still feel like something is there watching me. I remember my grandma telling me I imagined it all and my grandpa telling me I was tired. I know what I saw and what I heard.


 This is a true story that actually happened. I added a few details that didn’t happen, but the voices and the chainsaw noise were authentic. No one believed me, not even my friends. That day shall always haunt me forever.