Troubled Man

Troubled Man

Jaron Meadows , Student

It was a cold night on December 8th, 1932 where a beautiful mistress was 

About to give birth to a baby boy.

-December 9th, 1932 4:42 am-

“HE’S HERE” cried the beautiful woman

“OUR SON IS HERE” now this boy was no ordinary fellow no he had

Beautiful blue eyes 

Skin as pale as a glass of milk from the most beautiful Heffer

Hair as yellow as hay 

He was a lady killer for sure.

They took this young boy and name him jack penny the 2nd

Now his name wasn’t for no reason nooo no no no you see,

His uncle Jack Penny the first had recently died on his way back from a cattle drive.

And Jack Penny the first was one of the few men in the penny bloodline

That was a pure soul

And his brother Joshua was the worst of them all.

Joshua was a handsome man 

Every lady in town knew who he was.

Now for good reasons not so much but they knew his name for sure.

But this one mistress named Tomisita was the one to have his baby.

But anyways Joshua had gotten into some

Trouble in his youth

Always stealing from rich folk 

Robbing stores

Stealing purses 

You get the point.

But the reason he did it was because his dad Randel walked out him and his brother Jack when they were just kids they basically raised themselves.

Jack chose the good path

Joshua did not.


But Joshua was the boy’s father and jack had passed

And Joshua wanted nothing to do with his two sons 

So like every man in the penny family he left

So here’s the beautiful woman 

Raising this young buck all by herself

And let me tell you this fellow right here he was a wild one

Now he may be wild but he ain’t no thief like this dad

No, you see, when he got into trouble it was mainly at school

Or with his momma

Never anything too terribly serious 

But you see JP was always getting into some kind of trouble

But there was this time in his elementary years when him and his buddy Kingston

Were doing something they shouldn’t, and by that I mean 

They were running from the cops now your are probably wondering why,

Well like I said JP wasn’t a bad kid he just made dumb choices 

And one of those choices was being friends with Kingston

But anyways Kingston told JP he wanted to go and hold people up 

At the bridge for their money and then tell them it was a joke

What Kingston didn’t tell him

Was there was no joke at all,

 Kingston actually wanted to rob these people

And he knew that if he didn’t tell JP it was a joke JP wouldn’t do it

So he lied.

And if u ask me it seems as though Kingston wasn’t really a good friend, at all

But anyways the cops came on horseback looking for these two little boys

Once Kingston saw the cops he ran 

But JP didn’t know if you ask me I think Kingston should have told him

But that’s just me I guess

But anyways now here’s JP just sitting here with two cops and nobody near him

This was the moment JPs life changed forever 

JP had never been in this situation before.

“ hands where I can see em kid,” said the officer 

JP jolted back scared like none other

And did as the officer said and put his hands in the air

And the officer could see he meant no harm 

So he brought him back to his mother’s house 


But if u ask me it was well needed and to let you know if you were wonderin

No, JP never hung out with Kingston again

But the point is this is when things started to get bad

Now like i told you JP wasn’t like his daddy 

He was a good kid that made bad decisions 

But once he got into that kind of trouble at such a young age 

He started to adapt to it 

Now u fast forward about a year

And here’s JP now he’s getting older more mature face

And now the ladies are paying attention A LOT more attention

Treating him such as the best lookin man out there

And that wasn’t normal for him

His whole life was basically being denied by the ones he loved

But now that he has this mature face and becoming a “troubled boy” 

As his mother called him 

These ladies were all interested in him