Phlebotomy: Students “Stick” It To The Community

Summer Cooper , Staff Member

This year is Groveton’s first year of having Phlebotomy since the Fall of 2019. Unfortunately, Covid prevented this course from being available to students for a few years. Phlebotomy is an elective general for grades 11-12th. Nurses from Angelina come to Groveton ISD every day to teach our kids how to draw blood and many other things, such as the different parts of the heart and all the various veins.

On Monday, 24, 2022, the students in Phlebotomy had an after-school event where they had to get 20 ¨pokes¨ to go to clinical. Students were able to practice “poking” family members, friends, and volunteers during this event. ¨Even though some of the students didn’t get their number of ¨pokes,¨ we appreciate all the people in our community who showed up and donated their time¨ says senior Kendall Munger.

This class creates an opportunity after high school for many of our students. Students can use this certification to work in clinics and hospitals. While not all students plan on continuing to college, many will use this as a stepping stone as they work towards nursing and medical degrees. This class has provided another pathway for students to learn a valuable trade that can be used after high school is over.