Wickedly Good Time for Horror Writers

As part of the total makeover of the library, Mr. Gentry continues forward with many new activities for students to participate in. One of these activities was the “Horror Writing Contest,” in which students had to write a 500-word short horror story. On Halloween, Mr. Gentry held a small ceremony during 3rd period for all participants and their guests. Mrs. Harris and Mr. Gentry provided the students with donuts, kolaches, cupcakes, and coffee. Students were more than eager to miss class for this fun assembly when they saw all of the goodies set out for them.

Mr. Gentry started the ceremony by introducing his guest speaker and friend, Nathan Machart. Mr. Machart is a professor at Sam Houston and a published author. His works include his most recent story, “The Old Man of the Ground,” published in a collective storybook titled “Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers Vol. 7”.

When asked a question regarding fiction writing, Mr. Machart responded, “All writing should be to establish the fictive dream. We want to draw them in and make it believable.” He also gave student writers advice on researching before writing. “Spend time in the library. Read stories that take place in a specific time period that you’re interested in writing. Trick your reader that you know what you’re talking about.”

Mr. Gentry then presented three awards to three of the student participants. Winning “Honorable Mention” was freshman Madelyn Stevens, with her story titled “Chainsaw in the Woods.” Madelyn mentioned that her story is based on actual events. Second place was “Mystery Meat,” written by freshman Maci Vanpool. And finally, Mr. Gentry presented first place to junior Matthew Fisher for his story “Laura.”

Maci and Matthew were then encouraged to read their stories to the students present. Unfortunately, both writers were shy to read their own stories, so Shayla Arnold read for Maci, and Mr. Gentry read for Matthew. Both stories were wonderfully written and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The Smoke Signals will exclusively feature the winning stories for readers to enjoy.

Tomahawk Yearbook